Ariel Piperfawn

Ariel Piperfawn, Nataly

Hot Legs & Feet presents: Hey there Guys, It’s me Ariel I would ask if you missed me but it hasn’t been that long. I know it sounds a bit crazy but lately I’ve been feeling that my body has developed a mind of its own. I’ve always been a horny girl but lately my body has done things that I have no control. Take the other night for example I was at the club having a drink, I met this sexy Russian gir... show more

l named Nataly and the next thing I know I was all wet. At first I thought I had pissed myself, I actually went to the girls room to check, I couldn’t believe that I was that excited from the conversation we just had. This wasn’t the first time that my pussy got all wet for what I thought was no reason at all, it happened last week when I was talking to my friend Joe on the phone. I had to see what this was about so I invited Nataly back to my place then I called Joe and told him to come by, he said he would but he might be late. Nataly and I were standing in front of the bed kissing and touching each others bodies, I kneeled down and softly kissed her pussy and then I began rubbing it up and down, her pussy smelled so sweet and felt so soft to touch. Nataly reached down and started rubbing my pussy and then she started licking sweet twat, her tongue was warm and nasty wet and made my pussy feel so good. I turned and leaned over the sofa as she continued licking me up and down and then I got into Doggy and she licked my pussy and caressed my sexy ass. Nataly joined me on the sofa and then I and I laid on my side, she began rubbing on my leg and then she slipped off my shoe. She started sucking on my toes, making them all nasty and wet and then she took off my other shoe and started licking those toes up as well. I sat up and we started to kiss and then I pushed her back right as Joe was coming in, he grabbed one of her legs and I grabbed the other, I started licking and sucking on her toes as she rubbed her other foot on Joes fast growing cock. Nataly started rubbing herself all over playing with her pussy and tits, her pussy looked so nice and sweet I just had to go down on her. I gave her pussy a little taste of my tongue, licking her up and down then I laid on top of her and we started kissing and Joe, well he stuck his hand inside my pantyhose and rubbing and squeezing my ass, as I had slowly worked my way down and began licking and sucking on Nat’s nip’s. I got from on top of Nataly and laid back and then both Nat and I lifted our legs and started foot stroking Joes cock, Joe pulled his cock out and we wrapped our feet around him foot jerking while we rubbed ourselves down. Joes cock was big and was still on the grow as we stroked him up and down, we removed our feet from around his cock and then Nataly got up on all fours into Dog. She wrapped her sexy lips around his hard thick shaft and started bobbing her head as nasty as she could as I stroked him up and down with my feet giving him our special two for one deal. Nataly began licking my pussy, her tongue splitting my lips and teasing my clit and then Joe pushed her head down from behind straight up smashing her face in my twat and then he began rubbing her pussy inside her pantyhose and out before sticking his finger in her ass. I lifted my foot and started rubbing it on Nat’s puss as Joe continued fingering her ass then I laid on my belly and took her foot in my hand and started licking and sucking on her foot and toes. Joe slid his cock inside her pantyhose and started pumping it in and out and I went back to licking her puss. Joe pulled Nat’s pantyhose down and slid his finger inside her twat as I continued licking her up and down, then I started licking her foot as Joe kept adding fingers one by one. I got up under Nataly and started licking her pussy in 69 and Joe pulled her panty holes over my head, making me look like a burglar, having a late night meal. Joe went up and over and slid his hard thick cock in her pink hole, fucking her with every thing he had and trust me when I tell you he was packing a whole lot. Joe slid his cock in and out of her happy snatch with long hard strokes as I licked her puss from the outside and from the bottom straight up then Joe pulled his thick throbbing cock from her hole and gaped her pussy wide open. He slid this cock back in her pussy and picked up right where he left off, driving his cock ball deep inside her cunt, he had to of been getting every bit of pussy she had. He pulled his hard slick cock from her cunt and stuck it right in Nat’s mouth and she eagerly sucked and licked the twat froth from his long hardened shaft. Joe stood Nataly up and started rubbing her pussy up and down and then I reached up and began stroking her with my foot. Joe spread Nat’s pussy wide open and I rubbed my big toe on her clit and then I slid my toe inside her hole while I rubbed my other foot on her tits. Nataly grabbed my foot and started sucking my toes, her mouth felt just as warm as her puss. Joe sat down and Nat got right on top and slid his thick got in her horny snatch and I started licking and sucking her foot and toes as Joe was doing what he does best. He rammed his long thick cock in Nat’s cunt as hard as he could trying his best to get some pussy that no one has had before. Joe lifted Nataly up and she went right for his cock, wrapping her lips around his meaty cock and sucking has hard as she could. I put my feet around his cock and started stroking him up and down as Nat was still sucking from above and teasing his crown with her tongue. Joe just up and slapped Nat’s ass hard and then he pushed her head down on his cock, I guess he liked the feeling of her mouth more than my feet, I’m not really sure sometimes he’s hard to figure out. Nataly got back on top of Joe and slid his cock back in her twat and I started licking her tits and nipples watching them rise as Joe fucked her hard and good. I laid down and began playing with my boobs rubbing and squeezing them both and then I went back to sucking Nat’s toes as Joe continued driving his cock in her pink hole. Nat pulled Joe’s thick cock from inside and came down and sucked him off then she got her happy right back up and they started fucking like they never stopped. I got up on my knees and started licking her foot all over and then I began sucking her toes one by one, I did one foot and then I went right to her other. Nataly got from on top and wrapped her lips back around Joe’s cock and I start rubbing his balls with my feet, I remembered what happened the last time and I didn’t want that to happen again. Nataly got back on top but this time face to face then Joe slapped her on her ass, she started bouncing up and down on his cock as I licked and sucked on her toe’s in Dog. Nataly spun her happy ass around with Joe’s cock still in her puss and I sat in the corner and played with her tits with my foot, she took my other foot and stuck it right in her mouth. I pulled my pantyhose down to my knees and started playing with my twat, rubbing myself up and down, my pussy was hot and wet. Nataly got down and started sucking Joe off and I rubbed my feet on his balls then Joe reached over and slid his fingers in my pussy and then stuck his fingers right in Nat’s mouth. From my cunt to her mouth he went over and over again, I must admit I was feeling a bit jealous, she got to taste her pussy and mine too. Nataly got back on top but this time Joe stuffed his cock in her ass and started pumping away, going up in her deep then he reached around and slid his fingers in her pussy and did both her holes at once. Nat got down from up above and went right to sucking him off, bobbing her head up and down on that very same dick that just came straight from her ass. Joe got Nat into Doggy with her ass pointing up north then we went up, over, and to the side and shoved his cock back in her ass. I lifted her feet up towards her ass and started sucking her toes then Joe pulled his cock out from inside and gaped her ass open nasty wide. He shoved his cock back in Nat’s tight ass wi

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Ariel Piperfawn, Nataly in Ariel Piperfawn